Philadelphia Union vs. Seattle Sounders FC | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Philadelphia Union and Seattle Sounders FC.

ANNOUNCER: Live on forever.

ANNOUNCER: And that's a great run from Alejandro Bedoya.

ANNOUNCER: And the shot is right at Stephan Frei.

ANNOUNCER: I love this run from Bedoya. Look, Svensson Delem. Pass 'em on. But he's not ready for that. And then here you are talking about Stephan Frei. Career high. 11 shut outs.

ANNOUNCER: I was-- a wide open man there. It's Epps. Goes for goal!

ANNOUNCER: Ilsinho having the wherewithal to see that run in behind CJ Sapong and Marcus Epps. In his rookie year, scores his second goal. Great look from Ilsinho going forward.

ANNOUNCER: But that space between Rolden and Nuhu, extremely dangerous here.

ANNOUNCER: Do need its corner! Wasn't that far away from Pico.

ANNOUNCER: Frei is-- oh, he's played too seem it's a trouble! Well, that would have been an absolute catastrophe for Seattle.

ANNOUNCER: Leerdam fighting his way through one challenge. In comes the ball towards Bruin and it's still up for grabs. The shot is on! Back off of Jack Elliott. And Dempsey! Great save from Blake!

ANNOUNCER: Trying to make the incision for Beanio! And Frei. Across the face of goal. Epps again.

ANNOUNCER: But there's no doubt about it. He can come up with that big time save.

ANNOUNCER: Well, here he is in a good spot. Yup, he's got them.

ANNOUNCER: Dempsey is open! Dempsey! Well, rather like Bruin just before him. Trying to bring it down. And a bounce. And the flight of the ball was against him.

ANNOUNCER: Such a firm an established favorite with Seattle. Will Bruin's curling effort!

ANNOUNCER: I'm not doing any Philadelphia Union games unless Blake makes like three sublime saves. Well here's two of them.

ANNOUNCER: Here come the home team! Oh! It's a thumping shot!

ANNOUNCER: But how good is that from Alberg. That ball's moving difficult for Stefan Frei. To get a hand on it.

ANNOUNCER: And then you get the results.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah. And they've-- hit form at right time, haven't they? Seattle will have to wait. Denied their opportunity to clinch a playoff spot today.