San Jose Earthquakes vs. Portland Timbers | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between San Jose Earthquakes and Portland Timbers.

COMMENTATOR: FC Dallas earning a draw tonight. They're at 42, RSL at 41. Earthquakes need a victory tonight to get back in the playoff conversation. They might have an opportunity here with Vako, whose shot! Goal, San Jose!

COMMENTATOR 2: Come inside Ridgewell. He found his partner open on his left-hand side. And you can see the way that Vako opened up his body. He was always going to bend that ball with his right foot.

COMMENTATOR 1: Ridgewell stepping into the play for Danny Hoesen. Hoesen looking for some help. Here comes Vako. He already has a goal tonight. There's the cross! Shot! Attinella was there.

COMMENTATOR 2: They can see that they got a group of players who are playing together with good energy tonight.

COMMENTATOR 1: Hyka on his left foot, winding it in. There's the header! Anibal Godoy somehow snuck in and nearly had the Quakes up 2-0.

COMMENTATOR 2: Didn't get a rabbit with that one as well. That was unbelievable.

COMMENTATOR 1: Wondolowski for Hoesen. Hoesen putting a shot on! Goal, San Jose! Early here in the second half, the Quakes chipping away. 2-0 Earthquakes.

COMMENTATOR 2: Danny Hoesen gets a very important goal for the Quakes.

Good 10 minutes to try and get back in it as well. But it's going through that patch right now. Good work by Vako.

COMMENTATOR 1: Plug it wide to Hyka. He's got Wondo in front of him. Hyka out of his right foot. Looking for Hoesen! It hit the post, came out to Danny. I think Danny was a little surprised.

[INAUDIBLE], Nagbe, laid off nicely for Valeri. Back to Nagbe. There's a shot! Blanco! 2-1!

COMMENTATOR 2: Valeri didn't-- wasn't able to pass it on. It went back to Nagbe who picked out Blanco. Nice finish from the top of the box.

COMMENTATOR 1: Got to get back. Left-footed cross. Victor Bernardez is there again. And Kevin Stott blows the whistle to end this match. The Earthquakes needing to get those three points tonight, and they did.