Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Los Angeles Galaxy and Real Salt Lake.

JOE TUTINO: Alessandrini working on Beltran, onto his right foot. Has a go at goal-- off the bar. Take a look at that last opportunity.

COBI JONES: Well, that's a great strike from Alessandrini.

Going forward, these moments.

JOE TUTINO: Another good ball. Here goes Santos, Alessandrini running to the back side. It comes across for him. Fire, save by Rimando.

Good work here by Jermaine Jones. It'll come in for Giovani dos Santos. Turns on his defender, that should be a foul. And it could be a yellow card as well, I believe.

COBI JONES: See, this is a great turn by Giovani dos Santos, gets himself in a great position. And they're both, they're both going at it right there. So I can, yeah, I can see a yellow card.


JOE TUTINO: And he's going to give a red.

COBI JONES: He's gone, last man.

JOE TUTINO: Jermaine Jones will take up the space, finding Bradford Jamieson, score!

COBI JONES: And what I love about this, he [INAUDIBLE]. No, I'm not going to touch it. He just lets it run into space, and just has a shot, first time on the turn.

JOE TUTINO: Here's Jones now for the Galaxy. This should be onside to Boateng. He's on, on his right foot, fires off the post, second ball.

Rusnak back the other way. Plata is onside. Romney trying to get back. Here's Plata, playing it back post. Rusnak to goal, saved by [INAUDIBLE].

Alessandrini wants the ball. The long one intended for him, he'll bring it down. Does well with that. He's got Giovani running off the ball. Dos Santos rounds the goalkeeper, fires! And saved off the line.

Steps into this one, fires, saved by Clement Diop! Horst back to Beckerman, he scores!

COBI JONES: Right there, he pushes and parries that one wide. Horst comes up and plays it back to Beckerman. And Beckerman just steps up and has a--

JOE TUTINO: Our referee raises his arms, points to midfield. And it comes to an end. Alessandrini's incensed as he walks towards the referee. But we are tied 1-1 tonight. And I can understand what the Galaxy players are angry over that final call. But nonetheless, they could not close this one out, Cobi.