Houston Dynamo vs. Minnesota United FC | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Houston Dynamo and Minnesota United FC.

GLENN DAVIS: Here's Romelle Quioto with Remick to his left. He'll whip it in to the far post. Elis! Over the top. What a ball. He-- how can you leave Alberth Elis that wide open on the back post? But Miguel Ibarra, the right winger, does just enough to track back.

Get it in, and get it to Elis. If he can turn the corner here. Alberth Elis, La Panterita! Quioto! Save, Shuttleworth.

EDDIE ROBINSON: I want him to finish that. They're friends. You help-- you help me out, I'll help you out. But-- agh-- put that in the back of the net.

GLENN DAVIS: Here's Vicente Sanchez now, showing up. He'll curl the cross at Elis. There it is! Vicente Sanchez, the laser-like delivery. It is La Panterita.

There it is.

EDDIE ROBINSON: Alberth Elis just has to put his chin on his chest, make sure he gets it below the crossbar. That's what Vicente Sanchez does, he creates. And then he's looking for it. He's looking for it. Where's the mask? Where's the mask?

But the entertainment here in the-- has really been upped at BBVA Compass Stadium this year. The header! Oh, how about Romelle Quioto? The accuracy on the service, Glenn, it's something to behold. Pretty poor defending on the near post, almost worthless. But Bobby Shuttleworth certainly isn't expecting that to come to the near post, I don't think.

GLENN DAVIS: --might be now. This is a great hit, and that's a great goal. It's game on for Minnesota. What a hit from Sam Nicholson.

EDDIE ROBINSON: Ricardo Clark, he's got to follow Calvo, which opens that space for Nicholson to enter. Machado can't step-- or, excuse me, Leonardo has to step late. I mean, that's-- that's a great strike, but it's not what the Dynamo needed. That's frustrating right there.

GLENN DAVIS: May be the end of it here. We may be about 30 seconds shy of this being over. Whistle to mouth. Elfath calls it. 2-1 win for the Dynamo. Most importantly, they'll pick up the full three weeks here, Eddie. And it is a huge three points.