Colorado Rapids vs. Montreal Impact | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Colorado Rapids and Montreal Impact.

MARCELO BALBOA: Great play by Dominique Badji.

RICHARD FLEMING: Jared Watts with his studs showing. Let's have a look at this, and you can see from some distance, Celo, what the intention was there from Watts. Jared Watts has been sent off as a result of video review.

The Altitude Authentics team store at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. And it's 10 apiece.

MARCELO BALBOA: Ah, right there. Hit him with the knee. I don't know if he steps on him, but he drives his knee into him, so that's where he sees the red car the referee.

RICHARD FLEMING: And the referee didn't need video review for that one. Williams. Aigner header! Oh, he's got his first! Stefan Aigner, his first start at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

MARCELO BALBOA: Marlon Hairston does a nice job like you said, fortunate bounce to him. We're not gonna to be able to see this when the ball leaves his foot. Can't really see.

RICHARD FLEMING: It looked like he took a stutter step.


Been going down the left-hand side, he's trying to get in the attack more.

RICHARD FLEMING: Mancosu with a drive! An absolutely lightning goal from Matteo Mancuso

MARCELO BALBOA: What a fantastic shot by Mancuso. Look at this ball. It gets split. No one marks him. Everybody's standing. And this ball, that's just an absolute cracker, from distance.

Now, let's break down the other side. Why isn't Colorado Axel stepping up? He's a center forward.

They've got nothing to lose. They've got to go forward and try to get a result.

RICHARD FLEMING: Badji. Gordon must do. And you know he wouldn't miss from there. Alan Gordon has made it 2-1 to the Colorado Rapids.

MARCELO BALBOA: Wow first of all, great run in here, and first time ball. Absolutely fantastic. First Duvall, they took advantage of Salazar falling asleep. First time ball. Alan Gordon is where he's best, inside the eighteen. Great Job, great cross. Fantastic finish to out Colorado up 2-1.

RICHARD FLEMING: And I think we're going to have the final whistle, of what has been a crazy game. On the two sides finishing with nine men. Alan Gordon's winner. The first home win for the rapids since July the 1st.