New England Revolution vs. Atlanta United FC | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between New England Revolution and Atlanta United FC.

PAUL MARINER: --now he's got to get back.

BRAD FELDMAN: Fagundez thought he was fouled. Oh, now big chance here. And it goes wide, off the header from Villalba.

PAUL MARINER: But in the meantime, Andrew Farrell's nowhere to be seen. Why? Because he's made that fast break down the right-hand side.

BRAD FELDMAN: Is that how the Revs are going to break them down, with the short-passing game? There's a player down behind the play, wailing. As it's a one-on-one, Martinez, two-on-one, Villalba charging into the attack. Shot, saved by Knighton. And he gets his own rebound.

PAUL MARINER: 1-v-1 with [INAUDIBLE]. There's Villalba on his outside. He decides to go alone.

--the midfield and the back four.

BRAD FELDMAN: Farrell, for Fagundez. In the box. Cuts it. Nice move. He's in on the goal. Good save by Guzan.

PAUL MARINER: There's a dink over the top. Andrew Farrell there. Throughs it to Fagundez.

BRAD FELDMAN: Here's Gressel, shadowed by Caldwell. Good pass into space there. Charging forward, it's Walkes. Villalba, back to Walkes. Here's a dangerous spot for him. Has sight of goal, but it's blocked by Tony Delamea.

PAUL MARINER: In the end, that was very, very good defending. The fast break was on. When the ball popped out to Villalba, Villalba plays Watson. If he'd just looked at the recovery run.

BRAD FELDMAN: --a loud visit. A long touch by Gressel. He's in. Cuts it back, and just a last-ditch lunge there by Delamea.

PAUL MARINER: Gressel gets in, goes around Tierney, cuts it back there to Martinez. And Johnny-on-the-spot again, Tony Delamea.

BRAD FELDMAN: You hear that? Hat trick from Morrow.

PAUL MARINER: A hat trick? [INAUDIBLE]. And then when you followed it with Supporters' Shield. I wonder if that's the kiss of death on the Supporters' Shield. I don't know. Oh.

BRAD FELDMAN: Here come the Revs. Teal-- oh, Agudelo. He got crushed as he shot.

PAUL MARINER: What a block from Walkes.

BRAD FELDMAN: And this is going to end a 0-0 draw. So is that a frustration for the Rev-- in a different context, you'd say, it was hard-fought, they gave everything, but they're not out of the playoffs--