Chicago Fire vs. New York City FC | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Chicago Fire and New York City FC.

DAN KELLY: One of the biggest regular season matches around these parts--

It's the the Chicago Fire, meeting up with New York City Football Club.

--leading to Arturo Alvarez. Taking a little stroll down the near-side, 1-v-2. Third defender comes in there for New York City. Polster there, probing. He's relentless. Matt Polster, Nikolic. Thank you very much. Has just scored his 21st goal.

FRANK KLOPAS: I really don't understand what he's trying to do. Nikolic just sees an opportunity to come for the blind side there as Polster's putting that pressure. And I really don't know why he doesn't just clear that ball away. And Nikolic says, thank you very much. Just-- probably the easiest goal that he's scored all season long.

DAN KELLY: Here's Collins going on a little tear for David Villa. Tried to chip it back to him, but-- It's Dax McCarty fighting for it. Good body position. David Villa able to get it. Dashing forward. David Villa, the drive.

FRANK KLOPAS: --just to push Mihailovic off, and then gets a touch inside.

DAN KELLY: Morales, David Villa slips loose. Villa waits. David Villa, he is money.

FRANK KLOPAS: You can just see, as this ball comes in, Morales gets it. Look how smart he is. Just pulls away a little bit, in between both center backs. He takes that extra touch he needs just to create that little space away from Lampson as he comes out.

DAN KELLY: Here's Harrison. The shot punched on by Morales, and diving across was Matt Lampson.

So this big match up ends up in a draw. Veljko Paunovic and Patrick Vieira. Each team picks up a point.