Orlando City SC vs. FC Dallas | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Orlando City SC and FC Dallas.

ANNOUNCER 1: Not before Gruezo gets it and finds Maynor Figueroa on the left. Here's [INAUDIBLE] puts it on the box. It sagged in the back.

ANNOUNCER 2: Donny Toia does get there to kind of take him off his shot. But that should have gone in the back of the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ball comes inside. Urruti can't get to it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Maybe it's Urruti who doesn't get a clear touch on that ball. But Spector was there.

Dallas, if they don't get a win tonight, they could easily be below the playoff line once again.

ANNOUNCER 1: Acosta--

ANNOUNCER 2: Handball

ANNOUNCER 1: --was looking for a handball. Didn't get it. Kellyn had all the time in the world to finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: The Handball is interrupting the ball from going straight to goal. That's got to be a penalty.

It's giving Orlando a lot of life.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yoshimar Yotun is going to put this in box. Jesse Gonzalez!

ANNOUNCER 2: Kaka really wanted it. There's the save.


ANNOUNCER 2: Nice stop by Jesse Gonzalez.

ANNOUNCER 1: What a finish in this one. Here's Yotun. And the header will go wide.

ANNOUNCER 2: On the follow up, Larin couldn't have come closer.

ANNOUNCER 1: Can have a cross. He does And now, he can have a shot. Now, Yotun!

ANNOUNCER 2: Way to sacrifice your body and get in front of the ball. That looked like a sure goal for Orlando. An unlucky rebound.

ANNOUNCER 1: Such a crazy play. We had to look at it three, four times on replay. Here comes a cross of the throw in. Defended well by Zimmerman. Yotun with the [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice shot by Yotun. It struck him square in the face. But there's no doubt about it that Jesse Gonzalez has been the best player in this game.

ANNOUNCER 1: The cross! Neither Hines nor Dom Dwyer get to it. Villarreal calls it 99-plus.