Columbus Crew SC vs. D.C. United | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Columbus Crew SC and D.C. United.

ANNOUNCER 1: A cueball off of Franklin. Arriola out there. Columbus with some good stuff and Santos with Clark. Chesting that down, making the initial save, and then making sure there wasn't any spillage.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kamara zigging and zagging. And Meram finding Kamara! And Clark, again, just a sliver of it coming out.

ANNOUNCER 1: Beat the rebs that night. Williams!

ANNOUNCER 2: Look at that bet ball with a lateral run from Josh Williams. Right into the center of the penalty area. And as you move, Neil, towards the near post, then you have to redirect to the back side, which is what Williams did. But look at that technique. He gets up so high.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lloyd Sam continues on this run down the left, and he finds Brown. And there is Steffen with a little low leg action of his own to keep it a 1-0 Columbus advantage.

ANNOUNCER 1: The other way for the black and red. Deshorn Brown. Steffen had to stretch low to keep a Columbus lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is better from Columbus at minute 56. Meram! Ho, ho, ho, ho!

ANNOUNCER 2: Really the first time in the second half that Columbus Crew FC had gotten their players in open positions. It starts near-side, goes across, dumping by Hector Jimenez. Any time Meram, there on the left side, is able to cut into the penalty area, you need to watch out.

ANNOUNCER 2: And maybe we're starting to see a bit more of that, Neil.

ANNOUNCER 1: Final moments, final whistle. And what a difference a year makes. Ninth in the East a year ago. And now a chance to go deep into the ninth month of the MLS season. Columbus Crew Soccer Club returns to the playoffs. 15 wins, 50 points.