Salomon Kalou equalizes for Hertha Berlin vs. Bayern Munich | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Salomon Kalou make it 2-2 against Bayern in the second half.

ANNOUNCER: Left boot of Marvin Plattenhardt's. He's-- challenged [INAUDIBLE] goal from Salomon Kalou.

ANNOUNCER: What's going on here in Berlin?

ANNOUNCER: That's Bayern for two successive league games have had a two-goal lead slip through their fingers.

ANNOUNCER: Easy to defend. I think not even a good free kick from Plattenhardt. Who's at first? I think-- is it Kim-- no, it's--


ANNOUNCER: Tolisso. I think you have to clear the ball, that's it. What a bad touch from him. And it was a tap in for Kalou. Don't forget his Champions League winner of Chelsea. That's a little bit too easy for Hertha Berlin. And they are back in the game.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, last league game, Wolfsburg came back from 2 down to 2-2. Hertha, in the blink of an eye, have done the same. Salomon Kalou, second league goal this season. And Bayern, who had been two goals clear and looking imperious, certainly coaching for Sagnol's not quite so easy, is it?