Alexi Lalas: If the USMNT loses to Panama, all hell breaks loose

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Ian and Alexi discuss the USMNT's next World Cup qualifiers.

- Cheers.

- Prost.

- Prost.

- Prost.

- There we go.

- Excellent weekend in the Bundesliga Christian Pulisic got the full 90 minutes for Borussia Dortmund in their victory. Christian Pulisic and Borussia Dortmund are top of the table.

- Yes.

- And Christian Pulisic now heads for National Team duty. What are you expecting from the US National Team Alexi?

- Well, I mean look, when you look at this game coming up Friday in Orlando against Panama, it is the biggest World Cup qualifier probably since 1989 in that famous game when the US beat Trinidad Tobago to go to the 1990 World Cup. It's the biggest game probably since the Belgium game in the 2014 World Cup. It is a situation where the US is on this precipice, and they have got to get it right. They cannot afford to have another performance in the way that they had in New Jersey against Costa Rica.

- I think they're going to come in with a different type of mentality. I think they're going to put it to bed early. Christian Pulisic is going to have to be a-- he doesn't have to be the star throughout the game, but he is going to have to be a difference maker. He's going to have to draw attention. And whether that ends up being he does something brilliant and magical, or because he draws attention other players get to do it. Regardless, this is a must win. If they do not get three points against Panama, then all hell is going to break loose and it should, because they have put themselves in this situation. But I'm confident.

It's not a blind faith, but it is a faith that the US is going to recognize this is where they need to show up. Whether it's Christian Pulisic in terms of the young players, or whether it's any of the other leaders, grizzled veterans, Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard, all those guys.

- I didn't think you could get more passionate Alexi Lalas. All we had to do is put some lederhosen on you and the passion exploded.

- These are constricting me right now. They are very snug. I have this rawhide cod piece here, if you will. I'm going to venture out into the California day wearing this and hopefully I will get home in one piece. It's been a pleasure though. Our wardrobe department is wonderful. I love this. It's very, as I said, constricting at times, but it kind of keeps everything in. It's almost like-- it's almost like Bavarian spanks if you will.

- Let it loose Alexi. Let it loose.

- But it's beautiful.

As always, thank you so much. Great stuff. Our Bundesliga coverage continues following the international break. Round 8 begins with Stuttgart playing host to Cologne. Bayern's next match comes again visiting Freiberg. That's a big one. While the leaders Borussia Dortmund welcome Leipzig to the Westfalenstadion. Auf wiedersehen.