Mats Hummels header puts Bayern in front vs. Hertha Berlin | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Mats Hummels gives Bayern Munich an early lead against Hertha Berlin.

[CROWD WHISTLING] ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] Kimmich. Martinez at the far post lurking. It's going to come back for Arjen Robben. And now Boateng. Boateng's cross-- Hummels--


--with a thumping, thunderous header as Bayern go one goal up inside 10 minutes, the first goal under Willy Sagnol. And the recalled Mats Hummels has Bayern in front by a goal to nil.

ANNOUNCER 2: And what a header. I think he's at 15 yards. From Plattenhardt-- couldn't clear the ball. But now it's a fantastic cross from Boateng.

But he's completely free again. Niklas Stark is too far away-- two yards away, but that's not enough for a center half. You have to be closer. You have to make it difficult for him to score. But a fantastic header, far corner. No chance for Jarstein.

ANNOUNCER 1: The irony, of course, the two recalled players, Boateng's cross, Hummels' header, the first goal under Willy Sagnol.