Portland Timbers vs. Orlando City SC | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Full match highlights between Portland Timbers and Orlando City SC.

ANNOUNCER 1: It started off early, stunning going forward. And really, no way into this game at all for Orlando, Alexi.

ALEXI LALAS: We talked about that speed up top. It was the story. It continued to be the story. And it is the story of this game with Darren Mattocks up top, just stretching that Orlando City defense. Jonathan Spector thinks he gets to this.

The referee thinks he gets it. Nah, video review! Yellow card!

Penalty! Diego Valeri step up! Thank you very much, number 19 on the season!

KEITH COSTIGAN: And the ninth consecutive game being scored in MLS, extending his own record. He saw very good room for Mattocks for the opening goal. This time it was Chara playing in tight on Asprilla! Mannix with good movement! And this time he would get on the end of it to double the lead!

ALEXI LALAS: Wonderful weight on that pass from Chara. And Mattocks just doing what you need to do! Get in front of the goal and finish it off!

KEITH COSTIGAN: A minute, 47. And whatever was said at halftime, it was Orlando trying to get back in with 11 men. It was always going to be difficult, more difficult after this red card!

ALEXI LALAS: Jonathon Spector with his second yellow. Red card, bye bye. See ya! Now they got problems.

KEITH COSTIGAN: A minute 59, again, sending numbers forward. Mattocks in that clip, ended with a good save! But who's on hand? Who else? Diego Valeri.

ALEXI LALAS: He scores so many different ways. And he just smells opportunity. Right place, right time, number 20.

KEITH COSTIGAN: Well, let's take a look at tonight's final numbers in the Audi Player. Next visit MLSsoccer.com/audi to learn more. And 833 points, sounds about right for Diego Valeri.

ALEXI LALAS: I would have had him in the thousands. But whatever. I'm quibbling.