Atlanta United FC vs. Montreal Impact | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Full match highlights between Atlanta United FC and Montreal Impact.


ANNOUNCER 1: Ciman cuts it off. Ran into his own player, Boldor. He's okay after that collision.

ANNOUNCER 2: Almiron might not be, though.

ANNOUNCER 1: Martinez has had some injury issues. They want to make sure that nothing happens to this player, Almiron.


Nice moves there. Quick shot taken. What a goal! What a strike. Villalba. The mistakes there by Piette. It's good pressure by Carmona and Villalba himself. That's another mistake by Boldor. But there's no mistake on that strike. Unstoppable goal. 1-0 Atlanta.


And they have another sell out here tonight as Martinez does his thing. The only thing there, he didn't finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, he had two choices there. One to take the shot, the other to try to find Villalba. May have been difficult to find Villalba.


ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] the attack, Piatti leads in. Open and Salazar, the first leg's coming in. Save, Guzan.

ANNOUNCER 2: It was Salazar that makes it. Brad Guzan stands up big and strong.


ANNOUNCER 1: Puts one in the middle. Second goal, unless it's waved off.



ANNOUNCER 2: Well, the game has opened up. There was a save by Brad Guzan. And then a save by Evan Bush, and more pressure from Atlanta. It's a really good cross in between the goalkeper and the-- and the defense off the free kick.


ANNOUNCER 1: They're working hard. They want that 0.


And they've got it.


A big three points for Atlanta. A 2-0 win over Montreal.