Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. Colorado Rapids | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Full match highlights between Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Colorado Rapids.

[WHOOSH] ANNOUNCER 1: Reyna. It's a decent looking ball from Montero.

ANNOUNCER 2: But this is great vision. Gets his head up. And Montero finds that little bit of a seam.


ANNOUNCER 1: As Yordy Reyna turns, Yordy is on the ball now. He might have a go. Brek Shea. Can Brek Shea make it too? Not this time.



Williams left-footed delivery forthcoming. Hairston, Parker, couldn't get there. And the Whitecaps have conceded in the last minute of the first half.

ANNOUNCER 2: You see them fighting. Good job there defensively. Ball lands here. Touch, that's got to go. That's to go right now


ANNOUNCER 1: It's all the way through to Techera. Another long ball by De Young that was almost inch perfect. Techera sidesteps one, cuts it in. Oh, Montero just could not get around on it.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this is a great little run in front by Fredy Montero.


ANNOUNCER 1: Little chest from Shea, Montero looking for Reyna, who got in behind. And he's going to get onto this. Yordy Reyna.


ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, you know, when you get to that side of the 30s and a little bit higher up, you start questioning yourself. But that, if he's up on his line, he maybe gets that one, but--


ANNOUNCER 1: Spark off the bench. Ghazal, through to Reyna. Nice little play as he plays it in behind Christian Techera. Onto that left foot, Techera curls it wide of the far post.


Williams against Nerwinski. Right-footed delivery, back post. Alan Gordon is there, wide open, trying to put it back in the space. It's still there for Saeid. Laid on for a chance for Azira, and there's David Ousted with his first real save of the evening.

ANNOUNCER 2: Play the ball across. Here's the strike. David Ousted just carries it away out of danger. Good little setback.

ANNOUNCER 1: Not all of it. Aigner again launches it into a big mess of players. David Ousted will take ball to the ground. The three minutes are up. And that's it. The Whitecaps have held on to win. They've taken 10 of 12 points and Yordy Reyna has five game-winning goals out of five.