Sporting Kansas City vs. Los Angeles Galaxy | 2017 MLS Highlights

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Full match highlights between Sporting KC and LA Galaxy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Zusi for Rubio. Rubio getting a cross in shallow. And trying to get there is Ciani. Goals just days apart in front of his family. And the opener today for Sporting Kansas City.

ANNOUNCER 2: His run is so clever. Ciani gets caught ball watching. Cannot happen for a center back. Gets the wrong side of him. Really clever touch to get it by Clement Diop. 1-0, Kansas City.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sinovic making a run for Ilie. Got inside of Alessandrini. Seth Sinovic, one career league goal. Instead, he hands it off for number two on the day for Sporting Kansas City.

ANNOUNCER 2: Seeing-eye pass to Sinovic. And when your left back does that for you, you're gonna love him. Diego Rubio, easiest goal he'll score all year. 2-0, Kansas City. Galaxy looking listless at the moment.

ANNOUNCER 1: Probably make a run at MLS Cup. It was Rubio's pressure. Salloi escaping from Ciani. Romney trying to cover.

Well, you saw what he was trying to do there. Opening up his hips. Diop able to get down and make his second save today.

Alessandrini! First goal this year Kansas City have allowed direct from a free kick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, sometimes, John, you need a special play to get you out of tough circumstances. This is an absolute bullet hit over the wall. Tim Melia, absolutely no chance.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's going to engage now with Ashley Cole. Zusi following up. Blocked a second chance for Zusi. Saved by Diop.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good block by Romney early on. And Diop, anything will do. Anywhere will do. Just keep it out of the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: Opara, early crossfield ball. Cut off by Gyasi Zardes. Still work to be done. He gave it away to Salloi. Saved by Diop.

After winning the US Open Cup on Wednesday night, is there a final chance for LA coming? Dos Santos. McBean challenging in the air. Hooked away by Espinoza. There is the final whistle. 2-1 win for Sporting Kansas City.