Christian Pulisic is flying while Bobby Wood struggles in the Bundesliga

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Ian Joy, Eric Wynalda and Alexi Lalas break down the clash between two Americans on Matchday 5 of the Bundesliga.

- Hi. Welcome to beer cellar. Ian Joy, Eric Wynalda, Alexi Lalas--

- Hi.

- --with you. We just witnessed greatness right there because Borussia Dortmund beat Hamburg, two Americans on the field. Bobby Wood-- we're not interested in Bobby Wood right now because he did absolutely nothing in the game.

- He's in a bad mood.

- Christian Pulisic got on the goal scoring sheet. And once again, an American grabbed the headlines in the Bundesliga, Alexi.

- As he should. I mean, this guy is the real deal. We are not going to hurt Christian Pulisic by hyping him up and talking about. He is worth it. He deserves it for what he has done in a very short period of time, going from just being a good American player to being a great player who happens to be American. It's not our