FC Augsburg vs. RB Leipzig | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

Full Matchday 5 highlights between FC Augsburg and RB Leipzig.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 1: In Augsburg, WWK Arena taking on RB Leipzig. Great run. Augsburg on right now guys.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good football.

ANNOUNCER 1: Go ahead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Terrific, yeah. Terrific run. What a counterattack this is. Two great balls forward, great pace, and Gregoritsch in the end takes the lead at 1-0. Terrific counterattack.

ANNOUNCER 1: High score for Gregoritsch. That's his first goal since his transfer over from Hamburger. A very important goal as it was to [INAUDIBLE] at the end of the game but the pressure continued. Augsburg looking confident.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, look I-- I can't figure out at this point right now if it's Leipzig being the problem or being this vulnerable. Because they have such high expectations but it just was not their day on all occasions. Even with chances right in front the [INAUDIBLE] Timo Werner who usually puts those away as [INAUDIBLE] hits to have a a great day.

ANNOUNCER 1: On the 50th minute, Augsburg continued the attack. Philipp Max takes the ball into the box.


ANNOUNCER 2: Powerful run. Great ball. Big save. Good save by the keeper. Keeps them in the game.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now Leipzig stayed in the game. The 62nd minute. Halstenberg striking distance.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is one-way traffic. You have to stay in that second part of the game. And still on this occasion, it was just frustration and it mounted over. I mean, it went a little bit over the top

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