VfL Wolfsburg vs. Werder Bremen | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

Full Matchday 5 highlights between Wolfsburg and Werder Bremen.

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ANNOUNCER 1: All right, we'll get into that in just a moment. But let's first go to Wolfsburg at the Volkswagen Arena. They played host to Werder Bremen. Started very well for Wolfsburg.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Yeah and this is a terrific following. Fantastic ball in between the keeper and last line. Look at that area there. Keeper has nothing to do but this is a terrific finish as well. Great start for Wolfsburg who are up 1-0.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lovely cross from Ntep as you just mentioned, Jovan. And Origi, on loan from Liverpool, get his first goal for Wolfsburg. Martin Schmidt on the bench-- the new boss, the mechanic. Putting the wheels in motion-- but Werder Bremen, second half, were much better.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's actually an ex-mechanic. He's now a professional manager. The realities of his job aren't easy. And in my opinion it was just a matter of time. There was just a terrific play here. Watch this-- just the re-adjustment, get the feel right. And it's a great finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: Great finish from Fin Bartels. That's his first goal of the season. He scored eight goals last season. And a great record for Werder Bremen on the road as well. They've now scored in 18 of the last 19 games on the road. And they almost got it from Gebre Selassie. That one there striking a post. And the second attempt was a good clearance off the line.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Yeah, they played well. They've had only two points this season, but they have played well. They put a lot of pressure on the road at Wolfsburg. Not an easy place to play for Bremen.

ANNOUNCER 1: And in the 80th minute the pressure continued. Werder Bremen also trying to look for that three points.

ANNOUNCER 2: They didn't get it, but I'll tell you, they get a lot out of this game. I mean, the reality is that their playing good football right now.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: A little back heel.

ANNOUNCER 1: Casteels comes up big. Very important save from Casteels on the goal line and a point.

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