Arturo Vidal goal makes it 3-0 for Bayern vs. Schalke | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

Arturo Vidal gets in on the scoring against Schalke.

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ANNOUNCER 1: Kimmich inside for Thiago. Good ball for James. Muller just inside of him. James with the ball in behind. Arturo Vidal.

Well, it was a patient build up. A well-worked ball in behind. And Arturo Vidal with a stunning goal. And surely now, Bayern Munich on the way to another emphatic away victory.

ANNOUNCER 2: Clinical, clinical stuff from Bayern Munich. This is how you kill a game off. Good spell of possession. Moving in and out. James Rodriguez picks it up between the lines, an area we said would be so key today.

He gets the ball back. Maybe a little fortunate. And then look at this pass. The late run from midfield from Arturo Vidal. The awareness and the vision just to lift it up and over.

And then you still have to do a lot on this finish. In step right in the corner. Nothing Fahrmann could do. What a goal.

And yet another brilliant piece of play from James Rodriguez, being a difference-maker in the final third. He drew the penalty for the first goal. Scored the second.

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