Cristiano Ronaldo scores gorgeous scissor-kick goal vs. Faroe Islands | World Cup Qualifying Highlights

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Cristiano Ronaldo gives Portugal a very early lead in spectacular fashion.

- There's the chance for [INAUDIBLE] to make his way forward. Ronaldo's [INAUDIBLE] got all the time in the world to pick out one of three in the middle. And Ronaldo scores just two minutes in. His first meaningful touch of the ball, and there's international goal number 76 inevitably. Marking his 100th competitive international with the goal. And that could be the first of many tonight.

- Kicked on the halfway line. 30 seconds previous, he gets himself up into the box, sets Portugal on their way. Too easy down the right hand side. A team that are playing five, four, one. [INAUDIBLE] managed to work a two V one in the wide areas. Crosses, these are the ones to the far post. Ronaldo. That's great for skill isn't it? Volleying past the goal keeper. Great start to the game for Portugal.

He said he'd be hunting for goals. He's off and running early.