Philadelphia Union vs. Atlanta United FC | 2017 MLS Highlights

Full match highlights between Philadelphia Union and Atlanta United FC.

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TOMMY SMYTH: Well, Atlanta just show one change from that team that lost to DC. Chris McCann comes in. And when you look at the Union, they've made five changes. Alberg, Rosenberry, Pontius, Yaro.

ANNOUNCER: Asad puts one up. Knotted down right to Andre Blake. Wijnaldum, a tap-in. Off Alberg, goal! Union lead! Roland Alberg with a score, his sixth of the year.

TOMMY SMYTH: The attempted clearance by Villalba is not good. It's kept alive by Wijnaldum. And it's taken down and it's buried in the back of the net. Alberg dupes the old onion bag very, very easily.

ANNOUNCER: Alberg drives it near post. The shot taken. There's the second goal! Bedoya 2-0 Union!

TOMMY SMYTH: This is just a great goal in any man's language. The ball goes across. Bedoya's completely off balance. And mind you, if he doesn't put it in, CJ is there to tap it in. So he just lets it go into the net.

And you need to do it much better.

ANNOUNCER: Garza playing it up there. And that one-- it's 2-1. That was a bullet from that far side.

TOMMY SMYTH: Obviously, there was very lax marking here. This ball is knocked across. And the man is just coming in from the far side. He wasn't involved in the play at all. But Asad is coming, and he gets on to the end of it, and it's a rocket of a shot.

ANNOUNCER: Asad keeping it on the deck. Martinez, oh, he's hauled down by Yaro. A card, for sure. It's red.


ANNOUNCER: Denial of a goal-scoring opportunity.

TOMMY SMYTH: The player's gone in. But you can't pull him down like that. He's lucky, first of all, that he didn't give up the penalty kick.

ANNOUNCER: That's Asad. Atlanta's had two shots on goal. They had 15 shots against DC, and only two were on target. Oh, and a quick restart that was. Martinez, saved by Blake.

TOMMY SMYTH: He would have been really livid about this one. Look at, they're complaining about the foul.

ANNOUNCER: Full speed ahead from Picault. Pontius and Sapong make runs. Pontius, knotting it down. CJ juggles, shoots. Save by Guzan.

TOMMY SMYTH: Watch what he does with the ball when it comes across him. Pontius knocks it down, flicks it over, gets it onto his left foot.

ANNOUNCER: You know, the start of the half, Tommy, the Union wanted to get that third goal. Now, it's more, I think about, playing with 10 men, just not giving up that second.

TOMMY SMYTH: They want to make sure that there's no second goal given. Now, they got it down to 15 minutes, which is very playable. But you've got to-- you've got to take up your positions and you can't afford to let anybody get loose here.

ANNOUNCER: They've made two changes.

TOMMY SMYTH: Like that.

ANNOUNCER: Almiron getting it back. Here's Almiron, the low shot. Blake spilled it, but only slightly.

TOMMY SMYTH: Look at this. I mean, the lovely, little flick. Jack Elliott doesn't get to it, Rosenberry does.

ANNOUNCER: And you've made three subs each. So four minutes had to be expected. Here's Mears setting it up. Ball stays in play.

TOMMY SMYTH: Didn't go out. Didn't go out.

ANNOUNCER: Nope. Garza. Blake got one hand to it. Headed back. And there's the game-tying goal for Atlanta! It's the sub, Tyrone Mears getting his first goal of the year. Right place, right time.

To Creavalle. Rosenberry, straight ahead. Keegan on the deck. Sapong, cut off. [WHISTLE] That's going to do it. [WHISTLE] Game over. A 2-2 draw, an exciting one, for sure, Tommy.

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