Bruma scores with an excellent finish for RB Leipzig vs. SC Freiburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

Bruma scores a spectacular goal against Freiburg.

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ANNOUNCER 1: --by transfer talk and those two bids that Leipzig turned down from Liverpool. Bruma! What a goal! It's an absolute stunner from the sub! An incredible way to mark your entrance on the home opener. The 22-year-old has fizzed that one! And Leipzig are rabid!

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm not saying a word. That is breathtaking. His body shape, how he strikes the ball with that concentration, the focus. Look at the look at his eye. He knows as soon as he's hit that, that is going in the top corner. Well done, young man. Give us a smile.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hello, Leipzig. This is me. Barely been on the field a couple of minutes.

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