Young players impress for Dortmund and Leipzig on Matchday 2 in the Bundesliga

Ian Joy, Eric Wynalda and Jovan Kirovski give their takeaways from Matchday 2 in the Bundesliga.

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- Terrific match. Day two just taking place in the Bundesliga. Welcome in to the studio. Enjoy.

Eric Wynalda, partly busy making calls to scouts in Germany, trying to figure out what went wrong over there. Jovan Kirovski with you. It was an excellent weekend.

We've seen some surprises. But there's been a few teams that have stood out to both of you guys. Eric, what caught your attention this weekend?

- I think-- I think this whole storyline with Christian Pulisic, it's getting more interesting. Dembele is gone. And now he really has a defined role.

This is a guy that we've watched. We've kind of waited for him to grow and more as a player. But he really has an opportunity now.

If you watch you know, the way that he has taken that role, played 90 minutes, he-- you know he's out there. When he is on the field, he's constantly making a difference. So I'm really excited to watch the season for Christian Pulisic and Dortmund, for that matter.

IAN: It's almost as if he's taken his game to the next level.

JOVAN: Yeah, he definitely has. I mean, he's-- after his first season last season, great impact. But this is the most important one. He is producing, scoring goals, assists. So confident.

IAN: It's nice to see young players in the Bundesliga getting their opportunity to play. And it's great to see an American have that chance. But speaking of young players, there's a club right now that has caught your attention. It's getting many a young player a chance to play at this level.

- And so exciting. Leipzig, I mean, they came back from their first weekend. They lose 2-nil at Schalke. How do they respond? They respond fantastically well.

The young players, so much energy. So exciting to watch. I love the way they play, the way they press.

And Augustine comes in, another young player they sign for $14 million showing his promise. This is a dangerous side event. They're exciting to watch.

ERIC: They're an upgrade. I think the one thing if you go back to last year, why didn't Leipzig really push it, push it to a different level? Emil Forsberg. Had a bad spell there.

But now that I think if you take Poulsen out of the equation, put in this kid Augustine, it's an upgrade. That's a better front two than they had last year. So let's see how it pans out.

IAN: You know what caught my attention this weekend?

ERIC: What's that?

- The relegation battle has already begun. If you look at the bottom of the table, Freeman, [INAUDIBLE].

- And Hamburg's going to win it all!

- -- from the--

- Hamburg!

- --two games that have place. There you have it.

- Just don't know how to celebrate.

- What is that?

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