Zenit roast Daily Mail after ‘ugly badge’ article

Social media can be a dangerous place, and if you’re not careful you could get roasted. Such was the case for British tabloid Daily Mail, which found themselves firmly in the crosshairs of Zenit St. Petersburg on Tuesday.

The Mail posted an article listing the ugliest (their words!) badges and crests in football. Among them was Zenit’s crest, with the Mail claiming it’s “simply the club’s name written in the Russian alphabet. Not really a badge, is it?”

Not ready to take the affront lying down, Zenit fired back with a scathing tweet of their own, listing their “ten worst newspaper badges ever.” Predictably, it was the Daily Mail’s logo 10 times over.

In an ostensible attempt to bury the hatchet, the Mail eased their stance, instead claiming they just preferred Zenit’s old crest. They’re big fans of ships, apparently.

The apology wasn’t enough for Zenit, who replied in kind with a tweet favoring a Daily Mail throwback.

Twitter beefs! They never get old.