Zabaleta hopes for Tevez stay

Zabaleta’s Argentinian compatriot stunned City by handing in a

transfer request last week and his future at Eastlands has now been

shrouded in doubt. Tevez is expected to play against Everton on

Monday night in the Premier League despite revealing his desire to

leave City. But in the long term, Zabaleta is hoping his team-mate

can be persuaded to stay on. “My one wish is that Carlos stays in

Manchester. I say this not just because he is my friend, but

because he is important to City’s development,” he said in the

Daily Mirror. “I believe that Carlos has been good for City and

City have been good for Carlos. “Maybe he wasn’t loved enough at

(Manchester) United, but he is loved here and I think that has

helped him become an even better player. “No-one should question

Carlos’ attitude. His pride will not allow him to give less than

100 per cent in everything he does. All the players feel the same –

that Carlos is one of us – and I think the fans love him as a

player and as a man. He is their hero. “I know Carlos very well and

he always seems happy to be at City and happy with the way the team

is progressing. “Of course we have to accept Carlos’ opinion. He

knows what he wants for himself and for his family, but I hope that

the club can find an answer to the questions he has.” Zabaleta

reveals that he only found out about Tevez’s request to leave the

club when he was spending some time off in Spain. “I was given two

days off after the game against West Ham so I was spending some

time in Spain when I heard that Carlos had asked to leave,” he

added. “I was sent a text by a friend in England, and at first I

didn’t believe it because I had no idea that this was in Carlos’

mind. “There has been no change in him, no sign that he is unhappy.

Nobody knew. “We will see what happens in January but my own

opinion is that Carlos will stay. I just can’t see him leaving

Manchester City because there is so much to achieve for him here.

“When he came here he told me he wanted to make history for the

club.” Zabaleta will be hoping to start against the Toffees on

Monday as Roberto Mancini’s men look to keep up the pressure at the

top of the table. The 25-year-old versatile South American admits

that he is prepared to do any job his manager asks him, saying the

team is the most important thing. He said: “I am ready to play in

any position the manager wants me because I am a professional. “I

always give the best I can for the team and hope that is enough.

“We have so many top players here that you do whatever it takes to

stay in the team. “If the manager came to me and said ‘Pablo, we

have a problem and I want you to play as goalkeeper’, then I would

prepare the best that I could. “That’s what you accept when you

sign a contract for a club – to do what is asked of you for the

good of the team. “I have heard stories that other clubs like me,

but my head is focused on doing my best for Manchester City.”