Young sets sights on next level

Young, scorer of England’s equaliser against Switzerland on

Saturday, has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester United

this summer. He has only one year remaining on his Villa contract

and wants to experience Champions League football and play in World

Cups and European Championships. Young said: “I’ve always had the

belief I can play at the highest level. “I’ve always had

self-belief. I’ve always had the confidence I can play at the

highest level. “I want to test myself at World Cups, European

Championships and the Champions League. “As a kid you always want

to play in the best competitions. As a kid I wanted to play in the

Champions League – and hopefully one day I will. “People say the

prime of your careers is aged 25, 26, 27. I’m 26 next month so

hopefully I’m coming into my prime.” Young has constantly intimated

he will speak with Lerner before announcing any news about his

future – and nothing has changed. He said: “I’m going away on

holiday. But I said at the end of the season I was going to speak

to the chairman. “I’m going to talk to him this week and we’ll see

where we go from there.” Young was frustrated to be axed from the

England starting line-up to face the Swiss after impressing in

matches against Denmark and Wales. He responded when brought on as

a substitute for Frank Lampard by hammering the equaliser early in

the second half and was chosen as the man of the match. Young said:

“I was disappointed not to start, but I wasn’t the only one. All

the players on the bench want to be in the starting 11. “I came on

at half-time and grabbed it with two hands. Whenever I get the

opportunity, I try to do the same thing. “We found out the team in

the morning and I had to get it into my head that I wasn’t going to

start. “At half-time the manager told me to go out and play as I’ve

been playing and as I’ve been training, and that’s what I felt I

did when I came on. “It was great to score a goal, and even nicer

to get man of the match, but I’d have swapped them both for three

points.” Young believes the current England side has the right

blend of youth and experience despite their stutter against the

Swiss. He said: “I think we’ve got a good mix in the squad. You

look at the senior players in the team and youngsters who are

coming through. “We’ve got a good balance from the back to the

front. With the new formation we are playing (4-3-3), it helps

everyone rotate. “Everyone knows their jobs, we all work for each

other and we showed that team spirit by coming from 2-0 down. It

shows the character we’ve got.”