Young looking to next season

Villa won 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium and Young would like to see

another win at home to Liverpool on the final day of the season on

Sunday. He said: “You look back at the rest of the season following

the Arsenal win and there’s a bit of frustration, wondering why we

haven’t been able to replicate that sort of form on a regular

basis. “There’s frustration that we haven’t been able to produce

that on enough occasions. We knew we could produce this kind of

result in the run-up to the game at the Emirates. “We finished

sixth three times on the bounce. We know we are a good side and we

know we have good players. “For whatever reason, things haven’t

gone great for us this season but next season with a fresh start I

feel we can really kick on and try to prove what a good side we

are.” Young has also rejected claims that Kyle Walker is better

going forward than he is at defending. Young has lost his preferred

right-back slot to Walker but has stood up for his team-mate amid

claims that he is only an attack-minded player. He added on the

club’s official website: “Kyle has been brilliant for us. He is so

quick. I expect him to go on to play for England many times. “I

hear pundits say Kyle isn’t great when he’s defending but they like

saying that every time they see a full-back who is good going

forward. “They say Glen Johnson is not a good defender but not many

people get past him too easily. “Kyle is a young boy and he is

still learning the game but he has that real quality.”