Bundesliga club Wolfsburg are letting fans play Pokémon Go in their stadium

Via Facebook/VFL Wolfsburg

The Pokémon Go craze is showing no signs of slowing down, and now a Bundesliga club is giving in to the viral phenomenon as well.

Wolfsburg announced on their website Thursday that the club will open its Volkswagen Arena doors to aspiring Pokémon Trainers young and old, and allow them to catch whatever Pokémon might be hiding around their home ground via special stadium tours for the next eight days.

This is a phenomenal idea and every major sports team should be adopting it, if they haven’t already. Not because doing cool and trendy things for your fans is always a good idea, but because Pokémon Go players will literally stop at nothing to catch ’em all and would probably just break in anyway if they found out a rare Zapdos is hovering over the home bench.

Besides, everyone knows that some of the best Pokémon hunting grounds just happen to be sports arenas and stadiums. There’s a ton of evidence for this.

So good on you, Wolfsburg. Thanks for doing your part to help nostalgic millennials reach for their dreams.