Winterburn: Cesc ready to go

The 24-year-old Spanish international was heavily linked with a

return to the Nou Camp a year ago and Winterburn feels this year

may be the right time for the Emirates club to cash in. He said:

“The big question for the summer is will Cesc Fabregas stay and I

must admit, I have my doubts. “Cesc clearly wanted to go last to

Barcelona last year, but he is under a long contract at Arsenal and

is not the type of player to kick up too much of a fuss. He has too

much respect for his manager and club to do that. “He will always

give everything in games, but if he still wants to leave now and go

back to Spain then the club will have to think about letting it

happen. “Arsenal will call the shots though, and can ask for as

much as they like from Barcelona. It would have to be in excess of

£30million for a player of Cesc’s calibre who is still only

24. “But if he does leave it will give a chance to others, and a

chance to maybe alter the style of play in midfield. The current

system based on technical ability has been found out in the last

few years, and Arsene may look to go in a new direction.”