Wijnaldum hoping for forgiveness

The 20-year-old midfielder made the move to PSV last week, one year

before his contract with the Rotterdam club was due to expire.

Wijnaldum has since faced criticism from Feyenoord fans, who wanted

to see him move overseas instead of remaining in Holland. And the

midfielder has asked for understanding over his decision. “A lot

has been said to me,” he told AD Sportwereld. “I understand this

transfer feels like a betrayal, really I do. For those people I am

a child of Feyenoord. “I’ve played in the first team since I was 16

and the club have always been good to me. And in bad times, I

received everyone’s support. “I just hope that in time it will die

down and I will soon be able to walk through my city (Rotterdam).

“And I have thought about Feyenoord with this transfer. The club

earned five million euros for me and I did not want to leave them

on a free transfer next summer. “This way I can give something back

to the club, who are like family to me.”