Whelan calls for stricter regulations

Whelan has written to Premier League chief executive Richard

Scudamore suggesting a limit on borrowings as Portsmouth’s perilous

financial position leaves many clubs fearful for the future. Whelan

told The Times: “I sent a letter to the Premier League, saying,

‘Can we have an agreement that we can only borrow 25% of our

individual club’s turnover?’ “There should be a limit on borrowings

– not as a set amount, but as a percentage of turnover. They have

to do something about it.” Portsmouth were granted a stay of

execution at the High Court last week over an unpaid tax bill, but

administration remains a real danger. “What has gone on at

Portsmouth is a crying shame for football and for their loyal band

of supporters,” added Whelan. “It just comes down to desperation to

stay in the Premier League. “Some of the salaries I’ve read about –

whether the figures are accurate or not – make you cringe. “It’s

not easy for clubs, but the ones that take the risks sometimes come

a cropper.”