What’s going on with the FIFA 17 ratings?

What’s going on with the FIFA 17 ratings? Why are players now rated so highly?

FIFA 17 has already shown some big changes. Players are now rated higher than in previous games, with Blaise Matuidi being the 50th best player in the game and having an overall of 86.

Currently, we know that the 11th best player is Sergio Aguero, with an overall of 89. The sheer number of players with higher ratings in this FIFA is vastly different from the last game. From 16 – 11 (the current highest we know) all the players are 89 rated.

The players from 31-17 are all rated at 88. Given that last FIFA the top fifty list started at 85, we can already see that players have been rated with more kindness on the new game.

This year, 31-0 are all rated 88 or higher. Last year, only 11-0 were rated 88 or higher. The proportion of higher rated players has increased, but why?

The truth is, I don’t have a clue. I’m guessing the higher number of higher players will mean more people are likely to pull the rarer players? Or something along those lines.

Say the odds of pulling a rare player happened to be 1/10, surely the fact that there are more rarer players will increase the likelihood of you pulling one in a pack?

Sadly, I’m not a FIFA engineer or a mathematician. Hopefully the higher ratings don’t mean insanely high prices, because I prefer to earn my coins instead of buying them or using FIFA points.

I’m looking forward to the new game, and higher ratings should mean more diversity when creating the best teams. Now there will be a wider selection of top players to use when building unique and strong squads.

Hopefully some Liverpool players get good ratings, and if Philippe Coutinho isn’t an 85 I will probably just go out and buy PES instead.

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