Wenger reiterates stance on Cesc

Fabregas penned an eight-year deal in 2006 and with four years

still left to run, Wenger has again reacted to reports of Barca’s

interest in the 22-year-old. Wenger lured Fabregas away from

Catalonia to north London in 2003, and the Frenchman insists he is

not about to sell any players that he has nurtured for so long. “Do

you want to see the length of his contract?” said Wenger, when

asked again about the prospect of his skipper moving back to Camp

Nou. “Players at the end of contracts can sign where they want but,

with the players who are under contract, we decide on their future.

“We are not under any financial need, we are well managed and that

gives you one luxury in that you can decide about the future of

your players. “This team is on the way up and we don’t work for

four or five years with young players, stand up for them and let

them come through and then, when they are ready to perform, sell

them. That would be irresponsible. “Some people are specialists at

making players unhappy. I cannot stop them talking in Spain. But

all of the players who have left here wanted to return.”