Wenger ready for focused Chelsea

Terry’s position as skipper of the national team has been the

subject of intense scrutiny since a gagging order which prevented

details being reported of an alleged affair with the former

girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, a current England team-mate, was

lifted. Debate has raged as to what impact the continuing frenzy

will have on both Chelsea’s campaign and the England dressing room

ahead of the World Cup. England manager Fabio Capello is set to

meet Terry, but Wenger insists all off-field issues will have

little impact when the two London heavyweights clash at Stamford

Bridge on Sunday. “I don’t want to go into that stuff about role

models that you hear everywhere. It is quite a bit tiring,” said

the Arsenal manager, whose team will be looking to bounce back from

last weekend’s 3-1 home demolition by Manchester United. “We do not

have to interfere with Chelsea’s problems. “I believe Chelsea will

play at their best, we expect that, and that is why we just want to

focus on our own performance. “We have seen last Sunday when we do

not play at our best we do not win the game and that is why the key

is more on our side.” Wenger added: “It [captaincy] is over played,

without a doubt. “Maybe it has historical roots in battles,

fighting. Traditionally in the history of England the captain

certainly had a big role and a big importance. “I like that, but

team sport is linked with recent history, the 20th Century. Before

that, it was all fighting, and so maybe it is linked with

historical roots. “In some other sports like rugby the captain has

a bit more freedom and importance than in football. “It is always

an instant decision in a very quick time and the captain has no

time to interfere with the individual decisions of the players on

the pitch.”