Wenger: Park patience is key

As yet, the Gunners have seen only glimpses of what the South Korea

captain is capable of, with a well-taken finish in the Carling Cup

win over Bolton his only goal so far from four appearances – none

of which have come in the Premier League. Wenger, though, accepts

the 26-year-old has to go through a period of acclimatisation

following an August transfer deadline move from Monaco. “It has

been difficult because I have not given him the chance to play and

the intensity of the challenges – some players take short, others

take long. But it takes you time,” said the Arsenal boss ahead of

today’s meeting with Wolves. “You see a player like [Laurent]

Koscielny last year, he was still sometimes surprised by the

physical demands of the game. This year, he is dominating the

physical challenge, that shows it takes time.”