Wenger hails Wilshere talent

Werder Bremen coach Thomas Schaaf admitted his side are

struggling more than he had expected following a 1-0 defeat at home

to Augsburg on Saturday.

That result left Bremen nervously looking over their shoulders

at the battle for survival rather than challenging for a place in

Europe, and while Schaaf says he never expected it to be an easy

season, he had not quite imagined it being so difficult.

“We’ve got to be realistic and we knew what kind of a season we

were going to be up against, but certainly we had not planned on

this today or the defeat in Munich,” he said.

“They should not happen either, but we are really struggling

right now.

“We put the effort in, but we just weren’t united enough.”

Bremen midfielder Zlatko Junuzovic said the time has come for

the team to regain their focus and let their actions speak louder

than words.

“That’s enough talking,” he said.

“So much discussion goes on here, but we need to concentrate on

our performances and ensure that we get back to playing normal

football like in the first half of the season.

“We need to bring the enjoyment and the pleasure back into our

football. We are making our lives difficult for ourselves.”

And the club’s new director of sport Thomas Eichin expressed his

disappointment at an abject performance which he did not expect to

see from such players.

“We have players here who have higher expectations of

themselves,” he said. “They have now got to show this on the


“We must play differently to this in a home game. Everybody has

got to ask themselves questions.”

The defeat left Bremen just seven points above their opponents,

who currently occupy the relegation play-off berth.

Wilshere, 21, returned from more than a year out injured in

October, but is already being heralded as an integral part of the

future hopes of both club and country.

Arsenal head to Tottenham on Sunday, where they will come up

against in-form Bale, who has drawn comparisons with Europe’s best

after his match-winning performances this season.

Wenger believes his own talented midfielder has everything ahead

of him.

“Bale is the flavour of the moment. When you look at Wilshere,

who will deny that this guy will get 100 caps for England? Nobody,

if he has no injury,” said Wenger.

“My worry is not to compare Wilshere with anyone else. My only

worry when you are a footballer player of that talent is to become

as good as you can become.

“That is the only thing that is of interest to me. I leave the

comparisons to other people. My job is to get the best out of


Wenger feels it is sometimes overlooked just how much Wilshere

has achieved since arriving at the club aged nine.

“You tend to forget how old he is when you see him play. You

never come out of a game and think ‘this guy is 21 years old’. He’s

at a stage where the others have not started,” said Wenger.

“You think of Jack (as) an established player in the Premier

League and at international level, that is still something


Wenger feels Wilshere will develop into Arsenal’s natural

leader. He continued: “Jack breathes football. He doesn’t talk too

much, but he understands everything.

“What he has exceeded is the speed of his physical fitness in

the game. Honestly, I never expected that.”

Wilshere has yet to score in the Premier League this season, but

Wenger feels that the goals will soon come.

“I believe it’s part of his development to play a bit more

advanced,” the Arsenal boss said.

“In some games, he is more comfortable deeper. I believe he has

a little dribble that can get him through in the final third and

the finishing will come.

“He’s a bit in a situation like (Cesc) Fabregas was for a while.

He said to me ‘but I cannot score goals’, however you could see

that it would come.

“Jack doesn’t talk about it, but who doesn’t want to score

goals? He is more a team player than a goalscorer.

“He will never be a goalscorer, but he can be capable to