We won’t lose Blues control – BIH

Birmingham International Holdings (BIH), which own the Premier

League club, are seeking leave to appeal against a court order

which demands that they pay Seymour Pierce a £2.2million

“success fee” for laying the groundwork for Hong Kong businessman

Carson Yeung’s takeover of the club. The money had been due to be

received by Seymour Pierce on Monday but with that deadline now

passed, the bank can now gain a charge of the shares held by BIH.

However, a statement issued by the club insisted there was no

chance of control of the club being ceded to Seymour Pierce and

that if the disputed payment does eventually have to be made, it

will not have “any material adverse affect” on BIH or the club. The

statement read: “Birmingham International Holdings Limited

acknowledges that it has been in litigation with Seymour Pierce

disputing the payment of fees and that summary judgment had been

obtained by Seymour Pierce in relation thereto. “Birmingham

International Holdings Limited is currently seeking leave to appeal

the decision. “Birmingham International Holdings Limited stresses

that the amount in dispute is immaterial to it and if payment is

required to be made, will not have any material adverse effect on

its financial condition or business. “It is stressed that

Birmingham International Holdings Limited has not and will not lose

control of Birmingham City Football Club as a result of this