Pie-eating goalie offered gig as supermarket chain’s official pie-taster

Now that Sutton United’s pie-scarfing backup goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw, has left the club amid a gambling probe, a new job could be in his immediate future.

A supermarket chain in the UK, Morrisons, has extended a job offer to the 45-year-old — as an official pie taster. The offer includes a year worth of pies, according to the Independent.

The chain seems very serious about it, too. Morrisons’ Chief Pie Buyer Tessa Callaghan explained the offer to the Independent, replete with the requisite awful pie and soccer puns.

“We’re always looking for the best talent to taste our pies and make sure they hit the back of the net.  Wayne’s performance last night sets him apart as one of the country’s most famous pie connoisseurs. We were really impressed by his commitment to pie eating, and we understand that a good pie is the best way to warm up for any occasion, even if it is the biggest night of your football career.”

It remains to be seen if Shaw takes Morrisons up on the offer, or if he’s going to wait and hold up for a move to a bigger-named supermarket chain. Getting Tesco and Sainsbury’s into a bidding war would be a huge boon for Shaw.

Either way, when fate closes the door on and opportunity, it opens a window. And this window’s not even a drive-thru!