Roly Poly Goalie Wayne Shaw offered job as ‘Pie Tester’ by British super market chain

Sutton reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw walks near the playing area before the FA Cup 5th round soccer match at Gander Green Lane, Sutton, London, Monday Feb. 20, 2017. A  backup goalkeeper paid the price for eating a meat pie during his team's landmark game against Arsenal, resigning from Sutton United as authorities launched investigations into the apparent betting stunt. A British newspaper's betting company, which sponsored Sutton United for Monday's FA Cup game, had 8-1 odds that overweight reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw would eat a meat pie. (Andrew Matthews/PA via AP)

Wayne Shaw's decision to eat a pie during an FA Cup match cost him his job at Sutton United, but it also might have scored him a new job opportunity and a year's worth of free pies. 

British super market chain Morrisons have offered the 46-year-old goalkeeper a position on their “Pie Tasting” team and have sweetened the pot by offering a year's worth of free pies, according to The Independent. Keep in mind: Shaw weighs more than 300 pounds. That's a ton of pies. 

“We’re always looking for the best talent to taste our pies and make sure they hit the back of the net,” Morrisons' Chief Pie Buyer Tessa Callaghan said. 

Dubbed the “Roly Poly Goalie” by the British press, Shaw made waves by eating a pie on the sideline of Monday's FA Cup fifth-round match against Arsenal. 

What seemed to be an innocuous act borne of earnest hunger has sparked “PieGate.” 

Shaw admitted that he was aware that Sun Bets was taking bets on whether he would be seen eating on the sideline. That prompted the Football Association and the Gambling Commission to launch investigations into whether Shaw's antics were planned and linked with any betting irregularities. Amidst the controversy, Shaw resigned from the club.

“I thought I would give them (the betting company) a bit of banter and let's do it,” Shaw told British media after the incident. 

Shaw is a hero who has been vilified, and he will overcome this adversity and emerge as a stronger (yet equally heavy) man. 


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