Watching Kaka and Brek Shea laughing and freaking out on a giant thrill ride is hilarious


The Orlando Slingshot is no joke. The ride's made people pass out, and if you're scared of heights, it probably just isn't for you.

It definitely wasn't for Brek Shea.

If you've been looking for footage of a USMNT player on the verge of peeing his pants in terror, your search ends today, my friends. Sit right down and have a good time. I'm willing to bet money you won't enjoy yourself as much as Kaka did watching his Orlando City compadre bug all the way out though.

Kaka's known for being one of the nicest and most sincere players in the game, but that didn't stop him from enjoying Brek's misery for the entire 1:05 this video lasts. Look at the sheer JOY on his face as he sits beside his terrified teammate. Listen to the shrieks of delight every time he looks over at Brek's petrified face.

“Are you ok, bruh?”

L. M. A. O.

That's Kaka, dying laughing as Brek tries his best to keep from soiling his pants. This is amazing. I don't ever want to stop watching this. We need more of Kaka laughing at people's pain. Please, someone make this happen.