Watch Wes Hoolahan undress three defenders on this exquisite Norwich goal


Norwich City’s Wes Hoolahan is often called the “Irish Messi” (or “Wessi” for short), which admittedly is quite a suggestive nickname for someone who’s played half his career at … Norwich City.

But we do have to give Hoolahan this: the 34-year-old looked very Messi-esque on this golazo against Rotherham United on Saturday:

This goal checks all the boxes to be Messi approved. The Cruyff turn sending one defender nearly skidding into the seats? Check. The cut faking both the goalkeeper and another defender out of their shoes? Check. An all-too-easy finish because the defense has already been ripped to shreds? Check. (We're also awarding bonus points for the nutmeg assist.)

Norwich ended up winning the match, 3-1, sending them atop the Championship table.