Watch this keeper nearly crack the sky open with a ridiculous full-field game-winner

Spanish fourth-division side CF Pozuelo de Alarcon are from a small Madrid suburb whose inhabitants the Santiago Bernabeu would barely struggle to accommodate. They’re a tiny club, hidden in the shadow of the bigger Madrid juggernauts, but there was nothing puny about the goal that got them a 1-0 win against Portilla on Sunday.

Typically when you hear “goalkeeper goal,” you expect to see a tricky bounce, some wild wind, or a bout of pure idiocy from the opposition goalkeeper. This time, it was just Salvador Sanchez de Lope and his atomic right boot.

Salva hit this ball so hard, it didn’t bounce until right before it crossed the line. It’s hard to even blame the other keeper for this one. He did well enough to try and make it back in time, but the velocity of Salva’s volley was so absurd, it’s hard to see anyone keeping it out.

A goal like that deserves to be the game-winner. And it’s a good reminder that big things are happening outside of the top divisions.