Watch this great crossbar-assisted rocket goal from Germany’s 8th division


Amir Mohra may be plying his trade in Germany's 8th Division, but the goal he scored for BFC Tur Abdin 1983 showcased some Bundesliga-esque technique.

Mohra collected a simple pass from his teammate and absolutely lashed a 30-yard strike off the bar. The goal wasn't quite ready to accept submissions from the public at that time, so it returned the ball to sender. Mohra had other ideas though, and he put some extra postage on the following strike, delivering it directly to its home in the upper corner with an emphatic volley.

The screech you hear directly after the ball nestles in the upper corner perfectly sums up just how fantastic this hit was. They really don't get much better than this, from the 8th Division, all the way up to the very top league. Take a bow, son.