Watch this goalkeeper literally throw the ball into his net for a hysterical own goal

An own goal is never good. It’s embarrassing and unfortunate. But sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. The ball may take a bad bounce or you may have had nowhere to go, so it hits you and goes in your own goal.

And sometimes you’re a goalkeeper who straight up throws the ball in your own goal.

You will not find an own goal worse, or funnier, than that.

Goalkeepers’ jobs are to keep the ball out of the goal. They’re even the only ones on the field allowed to use their hands to keep the ball out. And Minnesota United’s Sammy Ndjock instead used his hands to put the ball in, while under no pressure and with nothing causing him any difficulty.

The good news for him is this was just a friendly so it didn’t really count. But it counted in our hearts, which wants for nothing but laughter and incredible things we have never seen before. This is both.