This French defender scored the best goal of Friday

Defenders don’t score goals in bunches. That’s understandable, because it’s literally in their titles that their primary objective is to defend, not attack. Friday’s Coupe de France match between Avranches and Laval featured a goal from a defender, and it was a doozy.


That’s Avranches’ Jonathan Clauss who pulled off that beautiful madness. Clauss, a 33-year-old centerback, made approximately a 70-yard run to put the Coupe de France tie away. He blew past one defender on the give-and-go. He out-ran another to a long through ball. Then he chipped the keeper, slipped around another defender and curled the ball in.

His reaction after falling to the ground says it all. Is he crying? Is he laughing? Is it both? Either way, it’s pretty unbelievable. Clauss will remember that goal forever, as will the Avranches faithful. With the 3-1 victory against Laval, Avranches are on to the next round of the Coupe de France.

Clauss might still be catching his breath when that match kicks off.