Watch this Chilean player score an incredible first-time volley from beyond midfield


Chilean side O'Higgins were down 2-1 to Universidad de Concepción in the 95th minute on Sunday when their goalkeeper launched the ball forward in desperate hope for an equalizer. Instead, his long ball found Alejandro Camargo, who struck the sweetest volley of the year.

It wasn't even a bad clearance from the goalkeeper. It soared over the backline and went well into midfield, but it found the wrong man at the wrong time.

Camargo launched into the volley, connecting perfectly. It didn't even bounce until it crossed the line, so it even counts by the imaginary rules little kids make up when they're losing and try to cheat. Camargo himself was so overcome by the sweetness of the connection that he broke down in tears, knowing he'll never get that feeling back.

But what a feeling.