Watch this cheeky, sneaky penalty kick from Swansea legend Lee Trundle

Pal Pillai/Getty Images for Premier League

There is maybe nothing more satisfying in soccer than a trick penalty shot. If it results in a miss, the player will look downright silly and may be in for a harsh roasting by the internet. But if it goes in, it's an act of pure genius.

When Swansea legend Lee Trundle stepped up to the spot in a charity game on Sunday, the player who was known for his showboating went for it:

Cheeky, cheeky. He pretended he was crouching down to pick up the ball or maybe tie his shoe, and then stepped into what looks like a toe shot. The goalkeeper didn't see it coming, and Trundle got surprisingly good power on it, given the technique involved.

Sure, it was just a charity match against the Briton Ferry Llansawel Over-35s, but maybe we'll start seeing this clever little penalty kick in the Premier League soon. Swansea will take any goal-scoring ideas they can get, at this point.