Watch this Arsenal kid catch Mesut Ozil’s jersey, then sniff it like there’s no tomorrow

David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Often times after matches, players will swap jerseys with their opponents as a sign of good sportsmanship while also amassing some collector's items. Other times, a player will strip off his kit and chuck it into the stands to an adoring fan, which is even more awesome. After Arsenal trounced Chelsea on Saturday, Gunners midfielder did the latter — and he absolutely made this young fan's day.

It's a great gesture from the German, but the kid's reaction is a little surprising. He goes ahead and just gives the sweaty kit a nice big whiff. Not just once, but the boy smells it a few times. Maybe it's because I've never been put in that position, but that certainly seems like an interesting reaction to have.

“There's nothing better than seeing those shining eyes of a kid,” Ozil wrote on Twitter after seeing the video. Whatever the case might be, the kid just saw his team dismantle a rival, a priceless memory by itself, got to interact with a sports hero and got his jersey. Sniff away, kid. Nobody's ruining your day!