Watch Souleymane Coulibaly score the goal of the weekend from way downtown


*Channels cheesy infomercial guy voice*

Did you enjoy Dario Benedetto’s thunder strike for Boca Juniors on Sunday? Are you a sucker for long-range golazos? Then you’re gonna LOVE what Souleymane Coulibaly did against Celtic over the weekend!

Kilmarnock’s 21-year-old striker may have done one better than Benedetto’s bomb at the Bombonera, unleashing a ridiculous shot from 40+ yards out for his fourth goal of the season. He might never score a better one in his life.

To even think to shoot from there is preposterous, but we’re delighted the former Tottenham flop did. Sure, Scottish Premiership leaders Celtic went on to score six unanswered goals to deal Kilmarnock a big, fat L, but we’re not writing about any of those, are we?